Rabiraj Khadka

R&D Engineer w/ Masters in Psychology
arduino programming basic tutorials

My incomplete attempt to create video tutorials

Yes, back in 2017 I tried to start a Youtube channel with the aim of providing video tutorials to a wide range of technology and started with Arduino Programming. The project is discontinued later with the aim of coming in a more professional and practical way but it didn’t happen also due to my engagement in the Robotics Association of Nepal. Now there are many tutorials in the Nepali language and many new faces are growing in the field of teaching a technological subject in a Nepali native language. Kudos to those who are bringing the quality content.

After that failed attempt of creating video tutorials later another dream of creating a learning management system sprouted and growing to date. Hope with all the ups and downs it may be in the Nepali market by next academic year under the brand NeuromanceR Creation. Have a look at tutorial one on the Arduino programming basics.

Arduino Programming in Nepali Language

Shall I continue making video tutorials? Do comment your feedback and suggestions below.

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